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Cashtown Inn, in the News!

There is no shortage of ghost stories emanating from within the stone walls. It is this combination of history and the supernatural that Jeremy and Danielle Davis found impossible to resist. The couple recently purchased the inn and held a Grand Reopening this past Saturday at the Old Route 30 location eight miles west of Gettysburg.

During the Gettysburg Campaign, the inn became the headquarters for many Confederate officers and staff, including Generals A. P. HillJohn D. Imboden, and Henry Heth. The basement also served as a field hospital during the battle, and it is said that so many amputations were performed, that the limbs piled up outside blocked any sunlight from coming in the cellar window.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is known by many to be a hot spot for ghostly activity. Its part in the American Civil War by way of the Battle of Gettysburg is widely accepted as the most brutal and bloodiest of any infighting to ever take place on American soil. Hauntings at Cashtown Inn have their own story.