Welcome to the Cashtown Inn

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Room # 3: General A.P. Hill






One of the four original guest rooms which was occupied by General A. P. Hill when the Inn was used as Confederate Headquarters. The A.P. Hill room has a queen size canopy bed, a beautiful replica Victorian vanity and original dated signatures of visitors and stage coach operators from the 1800's still visible on the walls. Treat yourself to a lovely view of the town, the orchard and the route the Confederate army took on their approach to and evacuation from Gettysburg. Sleep over in the Room that Grant Wilson occupied when TAPS investigated the Inn for the Sci Fi Channel's series “Ghost Hunters” and say hello to the General!

Children 12 and over welcome in the original house.  Children under 12 are welcome in the Anderson and Pender Suites.

Single / Double Occupancy:  $160.00 per night plus tax


This rooms is smoke free and includes:

  • private bath

  • clock radio

  • air conditioning
  • Fully served breakfast daily